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Just because you’re out on the road, you shouldn’t have to sacrifice the daily routines that help you look and feel your best. Whether you need to rev up or unwind, let The Camby Hotel’s health and wellness offerings become your favorite travel respite. (And locals, you’re always welcome too.)

The Zest Spa pays homage to both citrus, one of Arizona’s five Cs, and our enthusiastic lifestyle philosophy. Although there were several citrus related names we could have chosen, we went with Zest Spa because we believe in living exuberantly. At Zest Spa, we offer spa services that rejuvenate and revive, as well as relax, your mind and body.  

Our Phoenix, AZ spa specializes in twists on the traditional, such as “Treats,” our signature 20-minute spa treatments designed to soothe and invigorate even the most pressed-for-time traveler.

Geared toward people who are busy living life to its fullest, “Treats” offer the full experience of luxury spa treatments in less time.

We offer three exclusive 20-minute spa services: Body Bliss Foot & Leg Massage, Cranial & Sacral Massage, and our Got Stress? Treat – geared toward reducing stress during a busy day. If you have more time, there's no need to hurry. Indulge yourself with the Custom Camby Massage or our Quietude Treatment.

Relax inside or soak up our perennial Phoenix sun in three stunning outdoor spa treatment areas.

And when you’re ready to sweat, see JIM. Far from your ordinary gym room, JIM is our full-service fitness facility with cardio and weights, plus exclusive fitness classes, including poolside yoga, tai chi and much more.

“Zest is the secret of all beauty. There is no beauty that is attractive without zest.”
Christian Dior

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Join us today for a taste of Chef Dushyant Singh’s artful creations – nominated for the honor of the 2016 “Best Upcoming Chef ” by the Arizona Culinary Hall of Fame. Welcome to Artizen, Crafted American Kitchen & Bar.

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At Zest Spa, we offer spa services that rejuvenate and revive, as well as relax, your mind and body.

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